Gli eventi memorabili
Dal 1821 al 1848
1848 - 1849
Re Carlo Alberto di Savoia
Vittorio Emanuele Re d'Italia
1861: per l'identità degli italiani
Reportages 1866 - 1875
Umberto I re d'Italia
Bologna 1903 - Inaugurazione del monumento ai caduti dell’8 agosto 1848
Roma 1911- 50° Anniversario dell’Unità d’Italia

Pictures of Italian Risorgimento from the Archiginnasio collections

The Risorgimento was an epic event right from the very start. The arts played a fundamental role in communicating its values to the public opinion - one needs only to remember the music of Verdi, the novels of Manzoni and Nievo and the poetry of Foscolo, Giusti and Carducci - and the visual arts equally contributed to it.
A large number of paintings were produced, some independently and others associated with news and historical reports (newspapers, magazines, essays, pamphlets, manuals and novels), and all these forms of communication are well represented in the collections of the Archiginnasio Library thanks to the patriotic sensitivity and the historical culture of those private citizens whose collections are now preserved in the public library, and to the librarians, the custodians of the cultural life of this city that has every right to be included in the Italian events.
Over one hundred examples have now been selected for their artistic and testimonial value that clearly reflects the artists' intention of reaching many with an unifying message.
The exhibition aims to emphasise the influnce that the production of these pictures had in shaping the historical consciousness of the Risorgimento and in the widespread distribution of its ideals.

The first section (Memorable events) presents a large collection of prints and engravings by some of the most known artists of the period that portray the most salient episodes; these were intended for circulation among a widespread audience and thus prepare "the Italians" for the events. Illustrated magazines that contain more immediate visual records of the events accompany these prints.

The second section ("Creating Italy" through book illustrations; "Creating the Italians" through the iconography of the main Risorgimento characters) instead contains the illustrateted books that contributed, alongside with the production of contemporary literature, towards fostering the myth of the Risorgimento in the moment in which commemorative monuments and the first museums displaying many relics and testimonials were being unveiled in every city.


> Memorable events
> Creating Italy" through book illustrations
> Creating the Italians" through the iconography of the main Risorgimento characters



Vittorio Emanuele II

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